Friday, December 13, 2013

Celebrating this Season

Among all the fun, festivities, and fellowship it’s easy to forget and lose focus. There are many who celebrate without worshiping or even acknowledging the Christ at the heart of Christmas. Still, it’s not about a baby in a manger and a tantalizing tale of no rooms, shepherds, and wise men. It’s about the Lord of lords and King of kings bringing His Light to us and stretching His hands out in offering of forgiveness and forever living. God, who is holy, holy, holy, was unwilling to leave us in our sinful lostness. The reaction to Jesus from the first was to go and get the word out. We’ve been handed the same message to herald. The Messiah has come and marred Himself to pay for every single wrong. He will not force us to grasp His outstretched hand, but the invitation remains open only a lifetime, of which we don’t know the length. If you haven’t taken hold, seek what He’s truly about. If you’re firmly in His grip, experience the true joy of the season by celebrating not only the man who started life in a manger, but the Christ who gave all on a cross.