Monday, September 27, 2010

Consider Joy

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,” James 1:2

How would you feel if you called a friend to lament the trials you were dealing with in your life and she responded this way: ‘consider it pure joy’? I’m not sure I’d respond to well. My reaction would me something like this: (yelling in a frustrated tone) “Have you heard a word I said? Things suck right now. I’m in pain. Nothing is going right. I’m lonely/hurt/angry/poor/wronged/troubled/depressed/emotional/etc. Can’t you just sympathize with me?”

After all, in our culture we have come to believe that the world and it’s other inhabitants were put here to make our lives comfortable/peaceful/fun/financially prosperous/wanted/etc. We have come to enjoy more comforts and ease in life than any previous society or generation. We are spoiled. So, when the trials come (and it says when they come, not if) we feel slighted. We want relief. We want the thorn removed. However, sometimes it’s in our best interest to learn to be joyful despite our circumstances.

Actually, this scripture tells us to consider it a joy when we face trials. Be joyful because you are in a trial. To us it sounds like craziness. But from God’s perspective, it is exactly what we need, or He wouldn’t allow it.

Think back to previous trials you’ve been through. When you held fast to God and walked through it with Him in trust and obedience did you come out on the other side somehow better? Did He use that trial to work out something in you or bring you to greater things in life? Those memories and His promises are what He wants us to hold on to when we go through trials. It is one thing that will help us consider our trials as a joyful event. Not an easy thing, but possible with God.

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