Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day to Sing

Sing joyfully to the LORD, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise him. Psalm 33:1

I am a big music lover, always have been. There are untold hours I wasted in my childhood recording songs on the radio, trying to cut out commercials and make just the right mix on my audio tapes (you know, before CD's, MP3's and the like.) I remember trying to catch the top 40 every weekend. I remember playing songs over and over until I had every single word memorized. I often annoyed my sister by blaring my stereo and singing at the top of my lungs the songs she hated most.

As I grew older and began to mature in my relationship with Christ, He consistently put people in my life that introduced me to a world I had previously been unaware of: contemporary Christian music. Gradually over time, I began to make this what I listen to almost exclusively. I have found that on almost every other radio station/CD I listen to, there is a risk for things that are not holy to be introduced into my thinking.

To me, there is never a debate of whether songs should be traditional or contemporary. As long as the words are geared towards praising God, I'm okay with it. Someone wise once said, "The old hymns speak great gospel truths and the new contemporary songs sing great praise to Him." In other words, they either make His character known, or praise Him for His character. Some do both.

I'll have to admit, I don't have the radio on quite as much as I did before kids. I now have an ipod, which I was hesitant with at first but now use constantly, on which I listen to some music and some teaching. I also have several children's praise and worship CD's which we put in on occasion. However, once in a while I realize that it's been too long since we put some joyful music on and spend time doing nothing put singing to the Lord. Some days I don't feel like it. Some days seem too busy. But, I need to remember, singing and praising God shouldn't be something I do based on my feelings or circumstances, it should be something I do simply because He is the I am.

Sing to the LORD, you saints of his; praise his holy name. Psalm 30:4

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